Project Description


A few months ago Gareth stumbled across a Facebook post that a theatre-making friend had written. In the post she expressed how upset and frustrated she was because she couldn’t book a UK tour for her show despite it receiving great critical acclaim on a national level, winning a few awards, and securing several bookings at international festivals.

Over a few hours, this post sparked a long (and often angry) conversation between her theatre-making peers, including some extremely well-known and prominent artists. Everyone had a lot to say on the subject, but the overall feeling was an utter sense of helplessness. There was also a lot of blame being put on other people, including venue programmers and funders.

Having tried to book several tours in the UK ourselves, Team Quake can relate to many of the sentiments expressed in that Facebook conversation. When you’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into making work, and then you can’t sell that work, it’s easy to feel like the victim, or even that there’s some sort of conspiracy to stop you putting your work in front of people. It can feel very lonely, and it’s easy to lose perspective.

But it’s important to remember that everyone else who supports touring in the UK, be they programmers, funders, marketers or other people, are also under a huge amount of pressure. Pressures that perhaps us theatre-makers aren’t aware of because we don’t do those jobs.

The truth of the matter is, we’re all on the same team. Even if it sometimes doesn’t feel that way.

That is where the Indie Theatre Touring Audit comes in. The first part of the touring audit process is an online survey that will be open for responses for six months.

The survey can be completed by anyone right across the country who has an impact on, or who is impacted by independent theatre touring within the UK. This might include artists, programmers, funders, marketers, audience members, festival promoters and rural touring scheme managers, amongst others. The wider the range of perspectives, the better. And this isn’t just about sharing what isn’t working. We’ll also be seeking out things that are working effectively, and also ideas for how things could be improved.

The second part of the process will be to analyse the responses collected, and for Little Earthquake to share our findings through an initial case study that we’ll publish next year.

One of the Touring Audit’s main purposes is to give an opportunity for anyone who wants to contribute to have their voices heard by everyone else. It will be a forum for people to talk honestly (and anonymously if they want to) about the whole range of challenges that we all face day-to-day. It will also go some way towards helping each of us understand a bit more about where other people are coming from. In amongst all of the comments and responses, we’re confident that some recurring patterns will emerge, and with them, some clear signposts towards ways we can begin to find solutions — for one another and with one another.


This survey is designed to gather information from as many people as possible, drawing upon their wide range of experience and wide range of perspectives on touring. We have compiled specific sets of questions which are tailored to focus on different roles.

Please select the role in which you would like to complete this survey. This will determine which set of questions you will be asked.

If you would like to offer your perspective from more than one role (for example, as an Audience Member as well as an Artist), you can always return to complete the survey again by selecting a different role and answering the tailored questions.

If you feel like you aren’t represented by one of the roles provided, please contact us and we’ll develop a set of questions for you.


Including those who go to see independent theatre which tours in and around the UK.


Including Funders, Investors and Business Supporters who provide financial and other resources that support independent touring work.


Including those who market and develop audiences for independent theatre touring work.


Including Producers and Tour Bookers who support the creation and/or presentation of touring work.


Including those who programme independent touring work into UK venues, festivals or touring schemes.


Including theatre makers, directors, writers, performers, designers and other creatives who make touring work.