Moon Museum – Lead Artist

The Moon Museum: Get six famous artists to make six new works of art. Shrink them together onto a tile the size of a micro SIM card. Sneak it onto a rocket. Land it on the Moon. And leave it there. That’s exactly what happened in 1969, or so the story goes. And it’s time for history to repeat itself.

We are seeking a Midlands-based Visual Artist to lead our Moon Museum project as part of MoonFest, a festival celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

The Artist will create six brand new pieces of art inspired by the Moon landing — all of which will be developed through collaborations with six local community groups. These artworks will then be miniaturised to create our very own Moon Museum for 2019, a teeny tiny treasure that will be displayed at mac during MoonFest for visitors to view through a special Moon Magnifier.

Deadline for applications: 5pm on Thursday 9th May 2019
Fee: £2,100 (with separate travel and materials budgets)

Download the full Job Description here:
Moon Museum Lead Artist – Job Description

Download the Application Form here:
Moon Museum Lead Artist – Application Form