Collaborative Devising Lab with Little Earthquake

Monday 13th – Friday 17th August 2018
11am – 6pm Each Day
Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester

Join Little Earthquake for a weeklong Collaborative Devising Lab at Attenborough Arts Centre this August.

Over five days, participants will form a new ensemble (just for the week, not forever!) with Little Earthquake’s Co-Director Gareth Nicholls, exploring the company’s approaches to devising narrative-led work collaboratively.

The Collaborative Devising Lab is designed for Theatre Makers who are looking to develop new approaches to how they make their work, and Performers who are interested in starting to make their own work for the first time.

For more information, and to submit an Expression of Interest, click here. Deadline for applications is 5pm on Thursday 12th July 2018.

Easties Meet Westies Buddy Scheme

We know all too well that, sometimes, making work can feel a little like screaming into the void, but the truth is that whatever you’re struggling with or worrying over (or perhaps even excited about), there will be someone else not too far away who’s dealing with or has dealt with the exact same thing.

The Easties Meet Westies Buddy Scheme will bring together artists, companies and other theatre people who are working at a similar level or scale on either side of the Midlands divide, in order to establish some new relationships and to provide some essential peer support.

To kick things off, we’ll throw a small bursary your way to cover the costs of an initial meet-up — maybe seeing a show together at a Midlands venue! — and then it’s over to you to make the most of your new support system.

Who knows? There might be the basis for a new collaboration, for pooling resources or sharing things you’ve learned… And our wedding hats are on standby, in case things take a particularly romantic turn for anyone…

For more information, and to submit an Expression of Interest, click here. Deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 10th August 2018.