Project Description

50 years after the Apollo 11 Moon landing, Little Earthquake is joining forces with mac and the University of Birmingham to celebrate this special anniversary in spectacular style.

MoonFest is a nine-day programme of Moon-inspired events, performances, screenings and activities created with artists, academics and audience members. Blast off to Brum for a once-in-a-lifetime festival which will let your imagination reach for the stars (while you keep your feet safely on the ground.)


Full programme announced soon…

In space, no one can hear your tummy rumble. And on a trip lasting 102 hours, you’re bound to get a little bit peckish.

Inspired by Neil Armstrong’s actual in-flight menu, we’re teaming up with gastronomartist Kaye Winwood to create a delectable dining experience that is truly out of this world.

Under a sky twinkling with more stars than a whole Michelin Guide, you’ll be served the breakfast (and lunch and dinner) of champions by our intrepid band of gastronauts. Sample some unique tastes, scents and sensations based on the authentic dishes and drinks which powered Armstrong’s giant leap for mankind, and get a flavour of space travel from the comfort of your very own seat at the Commander’s table.

Inside the big bowl of mac’s outdoor Arena, two tonnes of grey clay will mysteriously appear overnight — ready and waiting to be shaped, patted and moulded by you!

Clayground Collective invite you to roll up your sleeves, feel the soft squish of the clay and use the limitless power of your imagination to sculpt an epic lunar landscape!

Once the crew blast off, they’ve got three days of travel ahead of them — and in amongst flicking switches and pressing buttons, they’re bound to need a bit of down time. We’ve handpicked a whole galaxy of shorts, documentaries and full-length features — the perfect film programme to keep astronauts of all ages entertained.

Get six famous artists to make six new works of art. Shrink them together onto a tile the size of a micro SIM card. Sneak it onto a rocket. Land it on the Moon. And leave it there. That’s exactly what happened in 1969, or so the story goes. And it’s time for history to repeat itself.

We’re commissioning six brand new pieces of art inspired by the Moon Landing — created through a local artist’s collaborations with community groups across the city. We’ll bring their mini-masterpieces together to create our very own Moon Museum for 2019, a teeny tiny treasure which you’ll be able to view through our special Moon Magnifier.

Dressed in fabulous 1960s fashions and armed with cutting edge 1960s equipment (notepads and typewriters), a team of writers will be installed at mac for one rotation of the Moon (namely, one day!) — ready and waiting to come up with some brand new sci-fi short stories inspired by audiences’ visions of the future, which will then be audio recorded for podcast release at the end of the festival.

The MoonFest programme is jam-packed with events and activities made by people living in and around the city — but in the space-tacular spirit of broadening horizons and making contact across vast distances, we’re also bringing some artists to Birmingham from fascinating places light years away!