We’re thrilled to announce that Gareth has joined the board of the Independent Theatre Council (ITC).

ITC supports and develops the professional performing arts in the UK and represents a community of over 450 companies and producers. They offer advice on management, financial and legal matters, peer learning, training opportunities and a professional network.

Of the appointment Gareth said: “I’m really excited that I’ll get to work with such an inspiring team in helping to shape the future of an incredible organisation. Huge thanks to ITC’s Communications Co-Ordinator Thea Stanton for planting the idea in my head in the first place, and to existing board member Jenny Gaskell for her awesome moral support. And a massive thanks to the legends who nominated me: Deborah Kermode (from Midlands Arts Centre), Sophie Motley (from Pentabus Theatre), and Janet Vaughan (from Talking Birds).”

As part of the process, Gareth was asked to give a short election speech at ITC’s AGM in February. You can read about how Gareth pledged to support ITC as a board member below.

“I can still remember my first nervous call to ITC. It was about Rates of Pay and Jackie guided me through that now familiar factsheet without judgement and with clarity and kindness. For over a decade ITC has supported Little Earthquake every step of the way, and now I’m excited about the prospect of giving something back.

I only have a minute, so here are three things I’d love to help ITC achieve over the next few years:

Firstly, I’d like to push for even more training sessions and opportunities to engage with ITC outside of London, and in doing so, help to increase ITC’s visibility across the country.

Secondly, I’d like to find ways of building ITC membership amongst very new artists and companies. Those theatre-makers who are still in the first two years of making work, so they are only kept awake at night by their brilliant ideas, and not the fear of neglecting their legal obligations.

And finally, I’m passionate about building a stronger sense of community and democracy amongst theatre-makers. I strongly believe that we’re all on the same team, even if it sometimes doesn’t feel that way. I’d therefore like to encourage more interaction and peer-to-peer support and learning between ITC members themselves through social events and online platforms.

Every member of ITC is independent but I don’t want anybody to feel that they are on their own. To borrow a quote from mac birmingham’s Debbie Kermode as she spoke at our recent East Meets West Symposium: “Individually, we are all unique in our offer to audiences, but together, we are stronger.”

Thank you.”